Medium Ice-O-Lator® Small Crystal Set (budget)

Medium Ice-O-Lator® Mini Crystal Set 185-45mm

Bag diameter: 50 cm
Working bag (185 μm) holds ~500 g dry plant material


Medium Ice-O-Lator® Small Crystal Set (budget)


Medium Ice-O-Lator® Mini Crystal Set 185-45mm

Bag diameter: 50 cm
Working bag (185 μm) holds ~500 g dry plant material

75 l/20 gal bucket required (not included)

This is the Small edition of our Ice-O-Lator® system, suitable for up to 500 grams of dried plant material.
The set includes a 185 and a 45 micron screen bag so you can get started.

Our Small-Crystal-2-Bag-Set is suitable for quick commercial processing, particularly of material with overall smaller crystals (e.g. outdoor material).

Please note:
In most plant material a number of crystals are smaller than 45 micron, so some product might be lost if you do not utilise an additional bag for catching mini-crystals.
If, on the other hand, your material carries many large crystals, the 45μm bag may become somewhat clogged, leading to inconveniently long draining periods.


Alternatively you can compile your own 2 bag set by choosing 2 bags out of the following micron sizes:
220 μm, 185 μm, 120 μm, 90 μm, 70 μm, 45 μm, 38 μm or 25 μm.

For additional information and instructions, please check our Manuals.


Pro tip:
Keep your water at or below 4°C (39.2°F), as it is the densest and therefore most effective in removing resin glands at this temperature.
You will achieve the absolute prime quality by slowly and carefully stirring.
As the quality of your product declines as the plantmaterial continues to be stirred, we recommend working your material in several rounds to obtain separate batches with a quality gradient.

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