Johnny Dabb Mini Dab Rig

New Mini Dab Rig emerged from our collaboration with the high end glass specialists “G-Spot”. Ideal for dabbing wax, oil and all concentrates. With 3 color sections (base, center and mouthpiece) in black and white. Including large quartz glass banger and matching carp cap, of course, also made of matching colored glass in black and white.


Johnny Dabb Mini Dab Rig


The Johnny Dabb Black and White Dab Rig is delivered together with a quartz banger and carp cap, so you have everything you need to get started right away.

Height: approx. 160 mm
Base diameter: approx. 85 mm
Tube diameter: 26 mm
Joint size: NS14.5 female

  • integrated diffuser
  • with 3 color sections (bottom, middle and mouthpiece) in black / white
  • including quartz banger and carp cap in black and white
  • with Johnny Dabb and a real golden G-SPOT logo!

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